About The Project

GRLI is partnering with international student groups and networks for young professionals to develop a “Next Generation”perspective on Management Education for the future. Known as COMMIT, this initiative has been built upon an alliance between GRLI Ambassadors and Oikos International.

The COMMIT Vision

Through a global student movement we will initiate and drive a deep, world-wide transformation of management education. Our vision is of institutions that provide the space and learning environment to enable students to follow their passion, develop their own ideas and fulfil their potential as independent thinkers and responsible people able to tackle the challenges of society.

COMMIT stands for Change Of Management Education & Methods In Teaching. COMMIT is built on the belief that in order to face the challenges of the modern world, business must become more conscious, more responsible, and more pro-active in addressing social and environmental issues. To facilitate this, Business Schools need to develop next generation leaders who are values-driven, committed to change and able to work well with complexity, collaboration and uncertainty.

COMMIT believes that change is needed both in terms of what is taught and how it is taught. We value cross-disciplinary content based on real-life issues. We believe in the power of reflection and personal development. So we welcome experiential learning methods and whole-person approaches – and the space to reflect and grow.


Project Overview

COMMIT aims to develop a student-centred view on the kind of leaders that are needed for the future and therefore the kind of management education that could help develop these leaders. This will be done through collaborative learning approaches and by face-to-face interviews with employers and faculty.

We aim to feed these views into future meetings of relevant bodies including GRLI and PRME. The campaign will be launched at the New York GRLI/PRME meeting in June 2015 with further learning presented around a year later.

Our campaign aims to be positive: to be based on the best of what is already happening and to take this to the next level. We are gathering examples of best practice and gathering voices from students around the world about what they want to learn and how.These will be used to create a compelling vision of the kind of eduction that we believe will be “the best for the world”.



Listen to Lenka Parkanova, the former president of Oikos International, speak about what her dream university would look like:


The core mission of the GRLI is to develop the next generation of responsible business leaders. It does this indirectly through work with businesses, business schools and their faculty. It also supports direct work with students and young managers within GRLI partner organisations (the so-called Young Ambassadors).

During 2015 GRLI supported the development of the COMMIT campaign. This is a student-led movement for more participative, more reflective approaches to management education. The achievements in 2015 included:

  • establishing and supporting a Steering Group of four committed individuals
  • designing and delivering workshops in London, New York, Vienna and St Gallen
  • holding a workshop at the Paris COP21.

Next Steps

Having successfully prototyped a number of workshop formats, the COMMIT students now have a sense of their primary objective. This could be summarised as: to develop and run collaborative learning sessions which bring together teaching staff and students to actively model a new approach to co-produced learning. Such sessions will be based on Whole Person Learning – engaging head, heart, body and soul – and will comprise opportunities for participative action and personal reflection.