Competency Assessment for Responsible Leadership (CARL)

Building on the work of Anna Liechti’s meta study on responsible leadership, covering the five competency dimensions (stakeholders relations, ethics & values, self-awareness, systems understanding, and change & innovation) across three degrees of mastery (knowing, doing and being) the newly launched Competency Assessment for Responsible Leadership (CARL) is now being released for full free public usage.

The Eth Word

The Eth Word is helping rethink the role of business by creating, sharing and provoking new conversations about business and purpose.

Whole Person Learning

Whole person learning sees the human being as existing in a network of relationships, interconnecting arrangements and interdependent systems. We are born incomplete and unfinished. The human individual is unique and unrepeatable. We need each other to become more than we currently are. Persons are persons only in so far as they are persons in relationship.

The 50+20 Agenda and Vision

Sustainability Literacy Test (SLT)

The Sustainability Literacy Test (SLT) is a concrete action for the Higher Education Sustainable Initiative, led by an NGO, hosted and supported by KEDGE Business School.  SLT was launched to measure students’ knowledge on the key issues of sustainable development and use the results to drive changes in the teaching methodology and the curriculum.

AIM2Flourish – Business as an Agent of World Benefit


A2FLogoTagBlueThe AIM2Flourish initiative and platform empowers business and management school students to research and report untold positive, powerful stories about business innovations that solve the world’s biggest challenges.

Open letter to COP21 ministers – Higher Education Institutions & Climate Change

We developed a joint statement and delivered it on 14th October to senior government officials attending the most important global climate summit ever. The event is one of the largest gatherings of citizens, executives, students and sustainability professionals ever. The voice of tertiary education and the critical role it plays in researching and equipping tomorrow’s workers and citizens must be heard in Paris.

Academic Community Action in response to the Refugee Crisis


The leaders of the international academic community are called to take action and address the refugee crisis. In particular, by providing access and scholarships to business and entrepreneurship related classes and knowledge resources to refugees, HEIs can contribute to the education of those who will return home to build a future worth living in for their families and communities. Click here to join the movement and make a commitment to the refugee crisis. Commitments will be highlighted on the official UN Business website.

Business Schools for Impact

Business Schools for Impact is an UNCTAD initiative that seeks to harness investment and management skills for positive social impact in low-income regions and communities. The project supports these objectives by providing impact-oriented teaching materials, case studies and internships in developing countries to equip future business leaders with the management skills necessary to succeed in these markets.

COMMIT: Next generation perspectives on Management Education

GRLI is partnering with international student groups and networks for young professionals to develop a “Next Generation”perspective on Management Education for the future. Known as COMMIT, this initiative has been built upon an alliance between GRLI Ambassadors and Oikos.