We at the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) are convinced that business success in the 21st century requires giving careful consideration of the full range of socio-ethical and environmental factors that connect businesses to their communities, consumers, workers, investors, suppliers, and other stakeholders, at the local, regional and global level. Building on this, TRSM takes the position that it is imperative that the business education experience of today and tomorrow reflects thorough discussion and exploration of the ways in which businesses take into account their impacts of their activities on society and the environment.

TRSM’s academic plan for 2014-2018 build off our newly articulated vision: ”Shaping diverse global leaders through experiential education that is practical, innovative and socially conscious.” It does so by defining several strategic objectives that will guide us in the coming years, including (i) Redefining Experiential Learning for the 21st Century, (ii) Enhancing Graduate Programs and Research, and (iii) Cultivating our City Building Reputation.


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