This South African business school takes sustainability issues seriously that believes that business has the greatest potential to change the world for the well-being of current and future generations. In all its programme offerings, MBA, PDEM, executive and short courses, Rhodes Business School emphasises the balance which needs to be placed on the social, environmental, economic and ethical performance of organizations which is essential to their sustainable impact and performance. As a result of the concerns with climate change, for example, there is a risk that public policies and social movements will speed up the demands for companies and other organisations to operate in a more sustainable way.

Rhodes Business School has a new offering aligned with its MBA’s sustainability and leadership focus areas – MBA in Sustainable Ocean Resources.  This is a great opportunity for those in fisheries, aquaculture, coastal, port and related management areas where they want to understand responsible business and management practices aligned with good governance and sustainability considerations.

The Rhodes MBA Sustainable Ocean Resources (SOR) is a course-work degree, closely aligned with the general management MBA (which already focusses on leadership and sustainability), also comprising 18 courses. These are made up of core courses and electives, and a research mini-thesis of 15,000 words. This MBA degree is offered with a full focus on sustainable management (general and related to aquatic/coastal resources and ecosystems), with the majority of course work aligned with the general management MBA, yet differentiated through assessment and application, plus the introduction of additional curriculum content related to responsible ocean/fisheries/coastal management.

It is designed to allow managers of fisheries/ocean resources, as well as coastal planning and development practitioners, to improve their management skills and develop management knowledge for sustainable practices in their field of interest, ranging from governmental resource management and coastal planning to aquaculture entrepreneurs and fisheries management personnel. Similar to the general management MBA, this degree is offered over two and a half years, with the course-work being undertaken on a part-time modular basis in two years and the research mini-thesis being completed in the first semester of the third year. In the first year of the course-work, all subjects are core courses. In the second year of the course-work, each teaching block comprises two core courses and a choice of one of two electives.

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Senior Lecturer: Sustainability Integration