The NIT was founded in 1998 by 40 Professors of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) driven by an initiative of Professor Dr. Hauke Trinks, President of TUHH at that time. His idea was as simple as convincing:  to set up a totally postgraduate institution in order to offer an all-English double degree program – the Northern Institute of Technology Management (NIT)

NIT program is inspired by a vision of globally responsible and entrepreneurial leadership rooted in broad qualification, comprising intercultural skills, ethics, communication, and languages. Seminars and workshops follow modern teaching and learning approaches and are provided by highly acclaimed academics and practitioners of international repute, coming from a variety of renowned institutions worldwide.



GRLI Contacts and Associates

Merle Emre

Director of Academic & Student Affairs

Susanne Bannuscher-Hansen

Manager of Programs & Student Affairs

Katrin Meyer

Manager Marketing & PR

Stephan Scheuner

Admissions & Recruiting Manager

Jana Maslonka

Alumni & Customer Relations