I joined La Trobe University in January 2011 as Professor of Management. My research and teaching engage with debates in organisational behaviour and transformation, and management practice, both in Australia and internationally, with a particular focus on the media industry, journalism practice, sport, and new technologies.  From 2012-2014, I was Head of the Department of Management.  From January 2015, I am Associate Head, La Trobe Business School.

I graduated with a PhD in Sociology from Harvard University in 1997 (and an MA in Sociology from Harvard in 1994), after completing Honours degrees in Law and Arts (majoring in Politics) at The University of Adelaide. My PhD focused on technological innovation and organizational change in the global media organization News Corporation. On completing my PhD, I had an academic appointment in Sociology in the Faculty of Arts at The University of Melbourne, from 1997 to 2010.

In my research and teaching, I engage with debates around new institutional theory, economic sociology, organisational theory, and a range of research approaches and methods, including comparative and qualitative analysis. Through this work, I argue that organisations need to be understood as key sites of power, and that they should be analysed within their broader institutional contexts. My current and previous research projects include: With Lawrie Zion, Andrew Dodd, Penny O’Donnell and Matthew Ricketson, I am working on an ARC funded project entitled New Beats: A study of Australian journalists who became redundant during and since 2012. Our industry partners are the MEAA, NLA and ABC. With David Nolan, Karen Farquharson, Denis Muller, and Michael Gawenda, I am completing work on an ARC Linkage funded project on the communication needs of Sudanese-Australians. The ABC and AMES are our industry partners. I am also working with La Trobe colleagues Suzanne Young, Geoff Durden and Swati Nagpal on a project on CSR in organisational contexts.  With colleagues Andrew Kenyon, Amanda Whiting, and Tim Lindsey, I completed work on an ARC funded comparative study of journalism practice and defamation law, in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as Australia, the UK and the US. I am also a member of an NHMRC research team lead by Lena Sanci analysing organisational aspects of youth focussed health care delivery, and Ann Capling and I conducted ARC funded research on organisational transformation in the Australian Football League.

I have wide-ranging teaching experience at the Masters and undergraduate levels. I have developed and taught numerous subjects in areas including organisations, management, work, media, health, theory and research methods. I have also successfully supervised PhD and MA(Research) students to completion.

Research interests

Corporate organisation and behaviour

– Technological innovation in corporate contexts

Economic Behaviour of Multinational Enterprises

– The global and local in multinational enterprises

Organisation processes and performance issues

– Power in organisational contexts

Organisational, psychological and cultural change

– Managing organisational change

Teaching units

Management Fundamentals (MBA)

Responsible Leadership (MBA)

Advanced Remuneration and Performance Management (Master of Management)

Advanced Management Theory (Honours/PhD)

Organisational Analysis (MBA)


I have conducted and am available for consulting in areas of organisational change and leadership

Recent publications

Selected recent publications


Kenyon, A, Marjoribanks, T & Whiting, A (Eds.) (2014) Democracy, Media and Law in Malaysia and Singapore: A space for speech, Routledge, Abingdon, UK (209 pages + xii)

Marjoribanks, T & Farquharson, K (2012) Sport and society in the global age, Palgrave Macmillan, Houndmills, UK, 272 pages

Marjoribanks, T, 2000, News Corporation, technology and the workplace: global strategies, local change, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK: x + 221 pp.

Edited Volumes

Deuze, M & Marjoribanks, T (eds) 2009 Journalism. Theory, Practice, Criticism, Issue 10(5) October, Special Issue on ‘Newswork’. Including non-refereed introduction: Deuze, M & Marjoribanks, T, ‘Newswork’, Journalism 10 (5): 555-561.

Gilding, M & Marjoribanks, T 2007, Journal of Sociology, Vol. 43(4), Special Issue on ‘Economic Sociology.’


Book chapters

WHITING, A, KENYON, A, MARJORIBANKS, T with ROYAN, N, (2014), ‘Introduction: Making Spaces for Speech’, in Kenyon, A, Marjoribanks, T, Whiting, A. (Eds.), 2013, Democracy, Media and Law in Malaysia and Singapore. A Space for Speech, Routledge, Abingdon, UK, pp. 1-24.

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Refereed journal articles

Sherwood, M, Nicholson, M, and Marjoribanks, T (2016) ‘Access, agenda building and information subsidies: Media relations in professional sport’, International Review for the Sociology of Sport. Published online before print March 21, 2016

David Nolan, Alice Burgin, Karen Farquharson & Timothy Marjoribanks (2016) ‘Media and the politics of belonging: Sudanese Australians, letters to the editor and the new integrationism’,  Patterns of Prejudice, 50 (3), 253-275

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Older publications

Research Higher Degree supervisions

I am interested in supervising research higher degree candidates in a range of areas including organizational transformation and behaviour, technology and organizations, management and leadership practice, media, sport, and journalism. Below is a list of successful PhD and MA candidates I have supervised, to provide an idea of the range of areas I have supervised.

PhD completions

La Trobe University

Merryn Sherwood (Sport Management, 2016, associate supervisor, LTU)

Swati Nagpal (Management, 2015, associate supervisor, LTU)

Nalinee Mohprasit (Management, 2015, associate supervisor, LTU)

Farhat Saba (Management, 2015, supervisor, LTU)

University of Melbourne

Simon Lynch (Sociology, 2016, co-supervisor)

Rachel Howard (Political Science, 2015, co-supervisor/primary)

Christopher Warner (Film and TV, 2015, co-supervisor)

Gwilym Croucher (Political Science, 2013, associate supervisor)

Alexander Kaiser (Political Science, 2013, associate supervisor)

Sara Bice (Sociology, 2012, co-supervisor)

Julia Coffey (Sociology, 2012, co-supervisor)

Marc Levy (Political Science, 2011, associate supervisor)

Dan Woodman (Sociology, 2010, co-supervisor), The post-secondary school transition and the desynchronisation of everyday life

Brigid Philip (Sociology, 2010, co-supervisor), Governing depression in Australia: a Foucauldian analysis of policy documents, mental health literacy materials, and self-help books

Laura Tarzia (Sociology, 2009, co-supervisor), Darwin, feminism, and everyday heterosexuality

Nicole Schlesinger (Law, 2009, associate supervisor), Making international criminal law: factors influencing judicial behaviour at the ICTY and ICTR

Margaret Whitstock (Sociology, Deakin University, 2009, associate supervisor) Reducing adverse events in older Australians taking newly released drugs

Denise O’Hara (General Practice, 2008, associate supervisor), Organisational challenges: the boundary spanning role of divisions of general practice in Victoria, 1993-2006

Peter Gibilisco (Sociology, 2006, primary supervisor), The political economy of disablement: a sociological analysis

Lauren Rosewarne (Political Science, 2006, associate supervisor), Skin trade policy: public policy and the portrayal of women in outdoor advertising

Kay Cook (Sociology, 2005, primary supervisor), Women, family, work and welfare: a critical analysis of social citizenship

Merryn Ekberg (Sociology, 2004, primary supervisor), Genetic expectations: genetic risk in the risk society

Sally Young (Political Science, 2003, primary supervisor), Selling Australian politicians: political advertising 1949-2001

MA (research) completions

Conor Wyn,  (Sociology, 2011) Behaviour in Public with Mobile Phones

Junli Lim, (Sociology, 2010)  Confronting new challenges: ASEAN, the internet and the Free Burma Movement.

Bernard East, (Sociology)  Examining reasoned consensus in Habermas’ public sphere: the social construction of truth in assassination discourse.

Research projects

Recent national competitive research grants

‘New Beats: mass redundancies, career changes and the future of Australian journalism’, ARC Linkage Project Grant 2014-2017, LP140100341, CIs: A/Professor Lawrie Zion (Journalism and Strategic Communication, LTU), Prof Tim Marjoribanks, Prof Matthew Ricketson (University of Canberra), Dr Penny O’Donnell (University of Sydney), Dr Andrew Dodd (Swinburne University of Technology). Industry Partners: ABC; NLA; MEAA

‘Media treatment and communication needs of Sudanese Australians’, ARC Linkage Project Grant 2011-2013, CIs: Mr M Gawenda, Dr D Nolan, A/Prof K Farquharson, Dr T Marjoribanks

‘Re-orientating general practice systems toward youth friendly care: a cluster randomized controlled trial’, NHMRC Project Grant Application ID: 566849, 2009-2013, CIs: Sanci L., Patton G., Shiell A., Pirkis J., Sawyer S., Chondros P. AIs: Haller-Hester D., Hegarty K., Patterson E., Marjoribanks T., Ozer, E., Cahill H.

‘The Media and ASEAN Transitions: Defamation Law, Journalism and Public Debate in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore’, ARC Discovery Project (DP0662844), 2006-2009, CIs: Prof AT Kenyon; Prof TC Lindsey; Dr T Marjoribanks, Dr AJ Whiting.

‘Defamation Law in Context: Australian and US news production practices and public debate’, ARC Discovery-Project Grant 2003-5, CIs: Prof Andrew Kenyon, Dr Tim Marjoribanks

‘Where commerce and culture connect? Corporate governance and social capital in the corporate era: the case of the AFL’, ARC Discovery-Project Grant 2003, CIs Prof Ann Capling; Dr Tim Marjoribanks