My work background is varied – supporting adults with learning disabilities, working as a journalist for BBC Online, charity marketing and running Shedlight, a not-for-profit production company. I’m also a trustee for City Eye, a local charity supporting community film-making.

Looking back, the emerging themes are of both fairness and a wish for people to ‘show up’ and be themselves. Which leads to The Eth Word. Having worked with corporates (through Shedlight), I know that within big business there are good, wholehearted people who want to do the right thing.

I’ve worked with several such individuals which leads me to feel both excited and frustrated – excited by the possibilities and the apparent appetite there is for the work of The Eth Word and frustrated (and sometimes daunted) by the size of the task.

For me The Eth Word is about starting with the individual, irrespective of their role, and finding (and showing) the intimate moments that connect the ‘me’ with the ‘we’.