Louise, with a doctoral degree in organisational change, has twenty five years experience as a change practitioner with a focus on large scale change in complex social systems. She has worked with diverse local and global organisations, across all sectors, in many countries. In 2008, Louise founded Symphonia – a group of organisations committed to sustainable transformation in people, teams, companies, organisations and communities throughout the world. Through Symphonia Leadership Development, Louise continues to practice as a leading Organisational Development (OD) practitioner.

She has been privileged to work with some of the world’s leading organisations and to have had the opportunity to study extensively – especially in the field of Complexity Science with Ralph Stacey & Patricia Shaw. She has also been challenged and inspired through her partnership with Ben & Roz Zander, Peter Block, Judith Glaser and her colleagues in the Creating We Institute.

Through Symphonia for South Africa – a community focused NPO, Louise is committed to mobilising citizens to become actively involved in addressing the education crisis facing South Africa. She initiated the innovative School @ the Centre of Community leadership development process that creates an opportunity for business leaders and school principals to develop their leadership skills in a co-learning partnership. As OD practitioner she partners with leaders in organisations who face complex organisational challenges and aim to share what she has learned. She facilitates and designs processes for people across the hierarchy to help them become more aware of the power they have to co-create a culture of collaboration and citizenship where they can fl ourish and live a life of contribution. Her sessions have profound results as they are uniquely designed to ignite energy, engagement and a sense of possibility.

Through Louise’s partnership with leading international OD and change management practitioners, Symphonia Leadership Development has been licensed to offer Flawless Consulting workshops (developed by Peter Block) in South Africa and Louise is the primary facilitator of this transformational process in South Africa. Over the past four years Louise has worked with Ben & Roz Zander and launched an initiative to ‘re-ignite the conversation of possibility in South Africa’ which recently resulted in the release of a DVD entitled “South Africa: Alive with Possibility”. Since 2009 she has been working with Peter Block to equip citizens and leaders in South Africa with the skills to be social architects. She regards this work as some of the most rewarding and meaningful work she has ever done.