Greg Dingle, Ph.D. is a Lecturer in Sport Management in the Department of Management and Marketing in the La Trobe Business School, and an associate of the Centre for Sport and Social Impact at La Trobe University. Greg’s expertise is in sport management, climate change, sport & environmental sustainability, and Education for Sustainability (EfS). His Ph.D. research examined the implications of climate change for major Australian sport stadia, while his current post-doctoral research is investigating the impacts of climate, and climate change, on community sport. He has published refereed articles in the International Journal of Sport Marketing & Sponsorship, and Managing Leisure. His teaching currently includes sport management, sport policy, and sustainability problems and thinking, and he has previously convened and taught sustainability and climate change for sport management.

Greg is a member of Sport Management Association of Australia & New Zealand (SMAANZ), and the Academy of Management (AoM) in the Organisations & Natural Environment (ONE) Division.

Greg has previously acted as a consultant for Netball Victoria, and Parks and Leisure Australia. He has also been a reviewer for sport management journals.

Research interests

Higher education

– Education for Sustainability (EfS) in higher education: Curriculum development; transformation and change; systems thinking.

Sport Management

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– Climate change, sport organisations & strategy: vulnerability, resilience, mitigation & adaptation

– Sustainability for sport organisations and the natural environment (ONE)

Teaching units






Sustainability and climate change adaptation strategy for sport.

Recent publications


  • Dingle, G. W., & Mallen, C. (2017). Sport-environmental sustainability (Sport-ES) education. In B. McCullough & T. B. Kellison (Eds.), SAGE handbook of sport, sustainability & the environment (1st ed.). Thousand Oaks, USA: SAGE.
  • Chard, C., Dolf, M., & Dingle, G. (2016). Safeguarding the natural environment in event management. In: C. Mallen & L. Adams (Eds.), Event management in sport, recreation and tourism: theoretical and practical dimensions (3rd ed., pp. 172-193). London, UK; New York, USA: Routledge.
  • Dingle, G. (2016). Sport, the natural environment, and sustainability. In: Hoye, R. & Parent, M. M. (Eds.), SAGE handbook of sport management. London, UK: Routledge.


  • McDonald, K., Stewart, B. & Dingle, G. (2014). Managing multi-purpose leisure facilities in a time of climate change. Managing Leisure. 19(3), 212-225
  • Dingle, G. (2009). Sustaining the race: a review of literature pertaining to the environmental sustainability of motorsport, International Journal of Sport Marketing and Sponsorship. 11(1), 80-96.

Older publications

McDonald, K., Stewart, B. & Dingle, G. (2011). In the deep end: a study of responses to climate change by multi-purpose leisure facilities in Melbourne. In: Burke, M., Hanlon, C. & Thomen, C. (Eds.). Sport, culture and society: approaches, methods and perspectives (pp. 89-106). Melbourne, AUS: Maribyrnong Press.

Dingle, G. (2006). Cricket, male fast bowlers, and Australian Sporting Culture. In: R. Hess (Ed.). Making histories, making memories: the construction of Australian sporting identities (pp. 95-114). ASSH Studies, 20. Melbourne, AUS: Australian Society for Sport History.

Dingle, G. (2005). From boys to blokes: a study of the social construction of masculinities among fast bowlers in Melbourne club cricket. In: Bulletin of Sport and Culture, 24 (October), 24-25. Melbourne, AUS: Victoria University Sport and Culture Group.

Research projects

Post-doctorate study: Climate change impacts and responses for community sport in Victoria.

Ph.D. Playing the carbon game: a study of climate change impacts and responses at organisations managing major Australian sport stadia.