I am a co‐founder of the Strongly Sustainable Business Model community (http://forum.SSBMG.com, 540+ practitioner, research and student members). Founded in January 2012, the SSBMGroup is a global action research knowledge mobilization initiative hosted by the Strategic Innovation Lab of OCAD University – Canada’s leading design school and university of the imagination and culture.

Our focus is to use the practices of systemic design thinking to bring about the GRLI and 50+20 vision. We approach this by focusing on enabling Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to design, adopt and execute Strongly Sustainable, Flourishing, Thriving, Vital, Business Models. Since SMEs form 90%+ of all businesses globally, it is vital we enable them with business models that proactively drive enterprise financial viability, social benefit creation and environmental regeneration – doing good to do well.

Our theory of change is based on the huge influence of human enterprises, and SMEs specifically, have on our economic, social and biophysical systems. Hence we see the adoption of strongly sustainable business models as a vital contribution to humanity proactively embracing our responsibility of planetary steward in the Anthropocene. Enterprises that adopt such business models proactively contribute to “sustaining the possibility for human and other life to flourish on this planet forever” (John Ehrenfeld, MIT).

In other words we embrace your vision and call to action – and did so at our founding! (See our vision, mission and streams of praxis wiki.ssbmg.com/home/streams).

Through our monthly community meetings (47 as of Jan 2016) and projects our members are already collaborating to make our shared vision real in the world: Future Fit Business Benchmark (www.FutureFitBusiness.org), Flourishing Business Innovation Toolkit (www.FlourishingBusiness.org) and more (see project list at wiki.SSBMG.com), plus our members have a number of “go‐to‐market” initiatives to bring our research to for‐profit and not‐for‐profit SMEs at all stages of development –start‐up to mature – including www.BetterMy.biz and the new Lean Start‐up for Flourishing (www.Twitter.com/Lean4Flourish).

We particularly see having the UN adopt as an umbrella for the Global Goals for Sustainable Development GRLI’s understanding of humanities context as vital to our shared success. For us both to achieve our shared vision we need to have the goal of sustaining flourishing adopted as humanities highest aspiration and hence change is required to achieve this at the micro/person, meso/organization and micro/economic‐socio‐biospherical levels at the same time: these systems are all interlinked and vitally interdependent for the possibility for flourishing to exist.

Please also follow us on Twitter @StronglySustain, like us on Facebook facebook.SSBMG.com and watch our videos on YouTube tv.SSBMG.com.