Andi Smart joined Exeter in 1998. He is Professor of Operations and Process Management, Director of the Centre for Innovation and Service Research (ISR), and Head of Management Studies within the Business School. He has undertaken a number of external duties including: Co-Editor of the International Journal of Operations and Production Management (2009 – 2013); External Examiner for Glasgow University (2007- 2011); Board Member of the European Operations Management Association (EurOMA) (2007 – 2011). During his term with EurOMA Andi founded the Service Operations Management (SOM) Forum with he currently leads. Andi has also previously served as an Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) Scholar, contributing to the debate on High Value Manufacturing. His research interest is in the design and improvement of operational systems, particularly from an Activity System perspective. He is currently investigating Business Models in the mobile payments ecosystem, the optimisation of maintenance activities for off-shore wind farms, the improvement of patient experience in healthcare systems, and the modular design of activity systems. He engages a range of research approaches including case-based qualitative research, discrete event simulation, text analytics and modelling.

In addition to academic leadership Andi has managerial responsibilities for the centre for Innovation and Service Research (ISR). The group comprises over 20 staff including three full Professors, Post Doctoral Fellows, Senior Research Fellows and PhD students. The group pursues collaborative research with industry and has developed partnerships with over 80 organisations through its Service Science Forum (SSF). Andi is also currently serving as Head of Department for Management Studies. This department is comprised of 45 faculty members.


BSc (Computing and Informatics), PhD (Operations Management)