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An occasional series of thought leadership


In January 2013 the GRLI launched a new Thought Leadership series under the title Reflections.  

Reflections is designed to fill the gap between the (relative) inaccessibility of traditional academic papers and the sound-bite logic of media articles. The series provides space for thought leaders to develop arguments to sufficient depth to allow for rigour whilst mainting the language, layout and clarity needed to reach a wide audience. The subject arena is transdisciplinary and encompasses business, management education and society with an explicit agenda of deep change.

The inaugural edition of the series sees Professor Henri-Claude de Bettignies of INSEAD and CEIBS provide his perspectives on the global challenges and potential solutions under the title “Developing Responsible Leaders: Who is Responsible?”

The second edition “Reflections on Management Education”  by  Dr. Wilfried Vanhonacker has also gone to press.

This article provides some pointers to the rich insights contained in Henri-Claude de Bettignies comprehensive review of the global leadership landscape. 


N°1: Developing Responsible Leaders: Who is Responsible?

N°2: Reflections on Business School Education in Our Evolving world