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GRLI Partner Publications

Globally ResponsibleLeadership:
A Call for Action

Published by GRLI (2008) download the pdf copy here


Globally ResponsibleLeadership: A Call for Engagement

Published by EFMD (2005)
download the pdf copy here

The AlphaBEM of the Responsible Manager

L'AlphaBEM du Manager Responsable

Published by BEM - Bordeaux Management School

Available in English here &
in French here

Global Responsibility

An EFMD initiative towards sustainable societal and business management development

Supported by The EFMD President’s Task Force

download the pdf copy here
Carlos Arruda

Should Prometheus be bound? Corporate Global Responsibility

By Prof. Em. Philippe de Woot Winner of the Manpower
Book Prize for Human
Resources 2006
English language edition published by Palgrave
MacMillan (UK)



Responsabilité sociale de l'entreprise.
Faut-il enchaîner Prométhée?

By Prof. Em. Philippe de Woot

French language edition

Published by Economica (2004)

Learning for Tomorrow - Whole Person Learning

by Bryce Taylor

Published by

Africa Leads: an exploration of globally responsible business in Africa

edited by Mark Drewell

Published by UNISA Press

The State of Responsible Competitiveness

by Accountability and Fundação Dom Cabral

this report can be downloaded by clicking here

Introduction au management interculturel : Pour une gestion de la diversité

by Carlos A. Rabassó and Javier Rabassó

published by éditions Ellipses

Globally Responsible Leadership Manual

By Petrobras & Fundação Dom Cabral

This Manual can be download here


Globally Responsible Leadership Development Program

By Petrobras & Fundação Dom Cabral

This Program can be download here
Globally Responsible Leadership
Case Studies

By Petrobras & Fundação Dom Cabral

This Case Studies can be download here


Responsible Business Guide: A Toolkit for Winning Companies

By Shah Faiz and  Waheed Ambreen

Published by Centre for International Private Enterprise, Washington DC (2010)

This Guide can be dowload here

Courageous Conversation: conversations with leading South African CEO's

By:David Gleason; Stella Nkomo

Published b:Van Schaik Publishers (2010)

The book is available here

Prevalence, Causes and Consequences

By: John Rayment and Jonathan Smith (2010)

The Book is available here

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The Suistanable MBA: The manager's Guide to Green Business

By Giselle Weybrecht
Published by Wiley 2010

The Book is available here