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Guidelines for Use of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative Foundation (GRLI) Brand and GRLI 'Branded' Activities.




These guidelines arise as a result of requests to use the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative Foundation (GRLI) 'brand' by institutional partners and partnerships for actions within the public domain.  We believe that all partners would want the logo of the GRLI to be used positively and with integrity.

We encourage partners to bring to wider attention the GRLI and all it represents, and as much as possible utilize the 'brand' to support and further the work of the GRLI Foundation.

We recognise that the GRLI 'brand' can be used to:

  • Support GRLI being communicated more widely; as well as,
  • Provide support for particular activities through association with the initiative.

We recognise that a further advantage of identifying all 'branded' actions through the GRLI Board before they emerge in the public arena will be to promote good communication and the opportunity to make effective links between other partner activities that are in development.


To best support partner activities that are to be linked to, or carry a GRLI logo, we offer the following guidelines.

  1. Requests for use of the GRLI 'brand'

Partners wishing to use the logo must consult the appointed sub-group of the Board who are mandated to agree on the usage of the GRLI 'brand'.  They can be contacted via the GRLI management Centre. The sub-group considers each action or initiative and checks it against the criteria agreed at a General Assembly.

  1. Criteria for Use

The GRLI Board (or designated appointed sub-group) will use the following criteria in order to be able to offer its support to specific actions or initiatives:

a. The activity will clearly:
i.      build on, or aim to add to GRLI learning;
ii.      be promoted as a GRLI-related action;
iii.      be led by on in conjunction with one or more GRLI partners.

    b.The activity will align with, actively promote and be able to demonstrate the following:

          i.      added value to the GRLI Foundation’s mission “'to develop the next generation of Globally Responsible Leadership;”
          ii.      the key themes or levers as determined by the GRLI Foundation;
          iii.      the Globally Responsible Leadership Laws:
          The law of the environment: the natural system is not a stakeholder in our businesses, it is the ultimate foundation of the rules;
          The law of interconnectedness: everything everywhere is linked in a single system, therefore every action must be considered in the context of its effect on the whole system; and
          The law of engagement: globally responsible leaders are engaged in solving the dilemmas that confront them as a consequence of the first two laws.

              iv.      The guiding principles:
              Result orientation: whatever activity is undertaken it must clearly increase the capability to deliver visible results on the ground.
              Long-term effects: any activity will only qualify if it stands a strong chance to live on, and continuously affect, the development of globally responsible leaders.
              Uniqueness:getting things done innovatively, quickly and effectively while honouring and sustaining the unique combination of the partnership of businesses and learning institutions.

                  c. All Communications related to the activity takes into account the GRLI brand guidelines. The GRLI office in Brussels must receive a copy of all branded materials in electronic form, and the details of any media or press releases and subsequent reporting referring to the GRLI.

                  d. No specific partner’s or individual’s name, logo, etc. will appear on promotion material or the World Wide Web without the approval of the concerned parties. A statement will be clearly displayed making clear that any programmes or activities associated with the 'brand' does not necessarily reflect the views of the specific GRLI partners nor represent a quality assurance of a service or product, unless specially agreed otherwise in writing by the GRLI Foundation’s Board.

                  e. The financial aspects of the activity need to be dealt with offering full transparency, providing financial support or contribution to the GRLI wherever possible.

                  f. Tangible outputs (papers, publications, …) will be available upon request via the GRLI website for the use of its partners, and at the discretion of those who have intellectual rights, to a wider audience.

                    3.How to display the logo

                      The GRLI logo is the key visual identifier of our initiative and should be displayed consistently and in the correct manner at all times.  Ideally, it should ALWAYS be used in colour and in the format illustrated below.


                      grli sample 4 grli logo sample2



                      The story of the logo embraces an image of responsibility and leadership relating to the planet, the global community, each other, and the self.  The three ellipses of the logo, form a circle as they expand, signifying our planet. Each individual ellipse represents, from right to left, ‘I’, ‘we’ and ‘all of us’ - from the smallest to the largest.  The logo has the colour of a blue ocean and a clear sky.

                      Our logo is strongest when surrounded by plenty of space, and with no other elements interfering with or distracting attention from it.  Please ensure that type, graphic patterns or edges of other graphic elements do not fall within this area.  If you have questions relating to this, and your organization would like the logo image files or advice on branding overall, please contact the GRLI Management Centre (

                      Colour codes for the GRLI logo:

                      PANTONE COLORS
                      Light blue: Pantone 297 C
                      Blue: Pantone Process Cyan
                      Dark blue: Pantone 300 C

                      CMYK COLORS
                      Light blue: 46 0 0 0
                      Blue: 100 0 0 0
                      Dark blue: 100 50 0 0

                      Black/white version, only to be used in specific cases on a coloured background (when in doubt contact the GRLI Management Centre)

                      grli black 1 grli black 2


                      The “banner” version, mainly for use on websites:

                      grli 3


                      4. GRLI Foundation and Affiliation on Institutional Partners’ Website

                        The institutional partners are encouraged to dedicate a page on their website to their affiliation to the GRLI Foundation and the actions that they are developing related to GRL, including display of the GRLI logo and a link to .

                        5. Description of GRLI Foundation in Publications

                          “The mission of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) is to be a catalyst to develop a next generation of globally responsible leaders. As such, it is a pioneering select group of companies and business schools/ learning institutions, engaged hands on in developing a next generation of globally responsible leaders. To do this we are challenging the issues of the company for the 21st Century, the mission of business schools/learning institutions and the process for cultural change in organisations. For more info:

                          6. Founding Partners of the GRLI

                            Wherever the GRLI brand is used, its founding partners EFMD and the United Nations Global Compact MUST be mentioned as well. In principle, the logos of both organizations appear in smaller size, such as on printed materials and PowerPoint slides. However, exceptions can be made, for example where the GRLI logo appears on a partner’s website. In such cases, the following sentence should accompany the logo: “The GRLI was initiated by EFMD [with hyperlink to] (the European Foundation for Management Development) and the United Nations Global Compact [with hyperlink to].”


                            7.Template for PowerPoint slides

                              Can be requested at the GRLI management Centre,


                              8.Open to Dialogue

                                Reflecting our commitment to our ways of working, we aim to remain open to dialogue where a misuse or misrepresentation of the 'brand identity' appears to occur whether by partners or non-partners.  We aim never to have to resort to legal measures and will encourage dialogue and meeting wherever possible.

                                9.Accountable for Brand Use

                                  In the unlikely event of a partner using the GRLI brand without agreement, all partners agree that the use of such, is open to challenge and question by individual partners of the GRLI.  We encourage such challenges to first be made informally by partners directly, and where no satisfactory outcome can be reached that partners are open to involve the appropriate sub-group of the Board, whose decision shall be final.

                                  10.Removal of Brand Agreement

                                    In the very unlikely event that a GRLI 'brand' is found to be misused or misrepresented, the appointed sub-group of the board will raise any concerns with the partner/s involved.  If misuse of the brand continues, following written request from the sub-group to withdraw the 'brand', it will remain at the discretion of the Board to withdraw partner status from those involved.