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Key Themes

GRLI's vision is a worldwide network of companies and learning institutions characterised by vast action and thorough exchange of learning. GRLI's mission is to "develop a next generation of responsible leaders" through collective and individual actions. Under each of the themes, you find a list of ongoing and completed actions.

The Levers

The GRLI's development strategy aims at effecting systemic change, through combining its current entrepreneurial and customized approach (encouraging individual, bilateral and group actions wherever individual partners have energy to act) with a greater emphasis on collective key lever points:


  • Advocating for global responsibility as the highest form of responsible behaviour and for the development of globally responsible leaders.
  • Concept Development (Thought Leadership) of new concepts and ideas as well as the identification of existing ones which assist in identifying what it means to be globally responsible and how to develop/educate leaders with that focus.
  • Practice/Execution of practical projects that businesses and business schools/learning institutions initiate in pursuit of our goals.


About GRLI

The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) is the largest community of businesses and business schools/learning institutions uniquely focused on developing a “new” generation of globally responsible leaders. To do this we are challenging the issues of the company for the 21st Century, the mission of business schools/learning institutions and the process for cultural change in organisations. Read More

GRLI is a co-convenor, a member of the Steering Committee and an active supporter of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).

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