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Download the GRLI Borchure here


Engagement in the GRLI is open to companies, universities, business schools, transnational networks, NGOs and independent individual actors.  The participation options are designed to meet the needs of different kinds of participants and one’s ability to contribute to the GRLI's work.

Partners (limited to 100 organizations globally)
Partners form the core of the GRLI community. This worldwide group of companies and learning institutions are committed to engaging on collaborative impact initiatives and sharing learning from their own actions to drive global responsibility. As a Partner, your organization will have premium visibility on GRLI platforms and communications and up to 20 named individuals may be appointed as GRLI Associates. Partners qualify to be elected to the GRLI Board or GRLI Guardians, have voting rights in governance matters and receive preferential access to GRLI projects and events. All benefits available to Members and Associates also apply to Partners. The fee for a Partner is €5 000 or US$6 500 per year for the first four years. Thereafter the annual fee is €3 800 or US$5 000.

Members have full access to the GRLI network, events and knowledge resources, and are visibly represented on GRLI communications on initiatives that they contribute to. Members may appoint 10 named individual GRLI Associates from within their organization and benefit from preferential access to GRLI events and projects. All benefits available to Associates are also available to Members. The annual fee for participation as a Member is €1 900 or US$2 500 in the case of large companies and learning institutions. NGO’s and qualifying Small and Medium Sized organizations contribute €800 or US$1 050 per annum. Qualifying micro-enterprizes contribute at the Associate fee level (see below).

Associates (Individuals)
As an Associate you will have access to the GRLI network, events and knowledge resources and enjoy participation in GRLI initiatives and projects. You will receive GRLI newsletters and online magazines as well as recognition of your position as GRLI Associate.  Associates participate at an annual fee of €280 or US$370.

The GRLI Ambassadors (students in higher education and young managers and entrepreneurs under 35 years of age from across the world) form an integral part of our global community. This dedicated group serves as incubator for new ideas, support project implementation and help raise awareness among their peers and the next generation around the need for globally responsible leadership and practice. Ambassadors coordinate their work through various online channels and frequently meet at GRLI General Assembly meetings. Participation as Ambassador is free of charge but there may be charges associated with attending GRLI events.

These distinguished individuals are recognized by the GRLI for their contribution to the development of Globally Responsible Leadership and Practice. This is an honorary status conferred by nomination and approval of existing fellows


Download the GRLI Borchure here

For additional information on joining the GRLI contact the GRLI Management Centre.