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New partners applying to join the GRLI as full partner are evaluated according to the criteria listed below. There will be a deliberate slow growth regarding new participants to safeguard the action orientation, the working model and the quality of the initiative.

  1. The organisation must have a proven track record of action and be of an entrepreneurial mindset;
  2. One of the key characteristics of the GRLI is that business schools/learning institutions and companies join and work in pairs. New partners preferably apply to join together. Organisations which do not fit into this partnering model will be dealt with on an individual basis and evaluated according to the overall contribution potential of that organisation;
  3. The participation must have support from top management i.e. CEO/Dean or Chairman/Board;
  4. The representative of the organisation must have a leadership position and be determined, dedicated and motivated to take on personal responsibility for action.

The investment is of 20.000 Euros. This is payable on notification of acceptance. Payment phasing is negotiable and can be done over one or more years. This investment is per organisation, unrelated to the 'pairship' concept and will cover partnership to the Initiative for four years.

At this moment the financial model of long-term funding for the further development of the initiative is being revised, as well as the possibility to join the GRLI as an associate partner linked to a regional GRLI group. More information will be added here when available or contact us if you are interested in this option.

For additional information on Partnership contact the GRLI Management Centre.