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 The GRLI unveils details of the Globally Responsible Leadership Diagnostic and GRID.

The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) has released details of its Globally Responsible Leadership Diagnostic – featuring the GRID ©. The release into the public domain of the Diagnostic marks the occasion of its application at the Daimler World Dialogue held in Stuttgart, Germany.

The diagnostic has a three-phase process which gives both organizations and individuals a powerful structure and guidance approach to think and talk about their globally responsible leadership behavior and actions.
At it’s heart is the Globally Responsible Leadership Grid ©™.

Mark Drewell, GRLI’s Chief Executive said, “This approach provides a mechanism for going beyond incremental Corporate Social Responsibility. It has been developed in the GRLI partnership and field tested across the world and we are delighted to be able to begin making it visible in the public domain through the online publishing of an overview presentation.” The GRLI welcomes enquires to utilize the Diagnostic and the GRID ©.


For background information contact Eline Loux
The presentation can be downloaded here

The GRID can be downloaded here

Issued 3 October 2011.