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The GRLI Ambassador community is composed of dedicated young people below the age of 35 who embrace the GRLI’s vision and are committed to sustainable human progress. Ambassadors are students and young professionals from across the world - anybody interested in the GRLI’s work can become a member. The Ambassador community serves as incubator for new ideas, implements projects and raises awareness among peers. As such, the Ambassador community represents a crucial stakeholder group of the GRLI. Ambassadors coordinate their work through various online channels and meet twice a year at GRLI General Assemblies.

Upcoming Events

The next GRLI Ambassadors gathering of the GRLI will take place @ the 15th General Assembly in Oulu. More info here.Application form can be dowloaded here and sen to before 12 March 2014 

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Check out what happened at previous GRLI Ambassador meetings:

GRLI Ambassadors @ Daimler (Germany – June 2011)

GRLI Ambassdors @ Africaleads- Stellenbosch (South Africa – November 2012)

GRLI Ambassadors @ SUN Essec 2013 - Cergy Pontoise (France – June 2013)

Catalysing the Next Generation of Globally Responsible Leaders

The need for new models of responsible leadership has never been greater. Globalisation moves on apace – business, social media, travel and consumption patterns are all making the world a more interconnected place. At the same time, increasing environmental destruction, social conflict and economic instability show that our old models of leadership are unsustainable for the medium and long term. New ways of leadership have to be found that allow us to develop sustainably - meeting the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Young people between the ages 20-35 represent an emerging cohort of leaders that can serve as a bridge between current and future generations. Highly educated and trained, aware of global connections and at ease with intercultural communication, they can learn from today’s progressive leaders to become the responsible leaders of tomorrow.
The GRLI Ambassador community offers a unique space where students and young managers come together and discuss new leadership approaches - more complex, more peer-based, more sustainable - and collaborate with today’s responsible leaders to implement these new concepts.
What are the main global challenges we have to tackle? Facing these challenges, what makes a leader a responsible leader? And how do we become these kinds of leaders? - Or in the words of Ghandi, how do we become the change we want to see in the world?
If you are are a student or young professional below the age of 35 and you are interested in discussing these questions with an emerging community of young leaders from all over the world, you are welcome to join the Ambassador community.

About the GRLI Ambassadors

  • Who Are the GRLI Ambassadors?

The GRLI Ambassadors (students in higher education and young managers and entrepreneurs under 35 years  from across the world) are key stakeholders of the GRLI. GRLI Ambassadors form the GRLI Engagement Framework and stand at the basis of the GRLI Global Community of Action.

GRLI Ambassadors are an inside-out or bottom-up way of changing existing, neo-classic business and business education through changing students needs for business education towards more responsible and sustainable behaviours.

  • Our Code of conduct

The GRLI Ambassadors are one of the driving forces of the GRLI mission and the 50+20 Agenda. They share the principles of GRLI and stand for the following:

- Practicing sustainable and responsible leadership, both towards the global society and the environment;

- Transforming business and management education worldwide from preparing the best leaders not in the world, but FOR the world;

- Serving as role models of responsible / sustainable leadership for young people all over the world;

- Respecting the limits of the planet.

- Change agent 

“Each one teach one” (every ambassador will try to bring at least one more young person into the communit)

  • Our Mission/Vision

- The 50+20 Agenda: Help educate and "breed" a different and decent type of business people (managers, leaders, everyday-business-women/men, researchers, etc.), who are aware of their actions' impact on the surrounding society / environment and improve it for the benefit of the society (human development) and environment.

- Fostering interconnectivity and Whole Person Learning

- Spread our mission more to students 

- Fund raising through local activities and GRLI support

  • Our projects
- Building a Community of Responsible Action (CORA) - We now have four years experience of working with next generation global leaders. An international community is beginning to emerge and we will want to support it to strengthen and expand.

- Establishing an Innovation Cohort– Over the past four years we have identified a core group of individuals who embody emerging approaches to global leadership – at the level of both head and heart. We will work with these and others to establish a cohesive group exploring innovative approaches to global leadership.

- Shake the World Projects – Through this growing global Community we will establish, prototype and disseminate a small number of practical projects that explore the cutting edge of global responsibility.