Is Paxil Addictive?
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‘Communities of Responsible Action’ or CoRA provide a mechanism to enable organisations to become involved in the GRLI without having to join as full partners. Organisations join as associates and have the possibility of joining either thematic or geographical communities.


The objectives of CoRAs are intended to further the mission of the GRLI:

  • Promoting and encouraging the development of Globally Responsible Leadership and Practice.
  • Promoting GRL as defined in the Call to Engagement through relationships with companies, civil society, government, academic bodies and regional associations and student/learner groupings.
  • Focussing and developing thematic areas for partners and associates interested in channelling their efforts into specific levers for change and development, for instance, Business Engagement, New Approaches to Learning, PRME, and Research.
  • Providing regional activities and connectivity for GRLI partners and associates.
  • Promote full or associate partnership of the GRLI.
In Learning Multiplication as well as Addition: Establishing Communities of Responsible Action (CoRAs). Nick Ellerby describes how CoRAs could be tools of engagement for spreading global responsibility at the national and regional levels. read more