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The project will engage academics and corporate leaders to elaborate the new concepts necessary to build a new 'model' for the corporation of the 21st century.

This will be based on a multi-disciplinary approach.

Many companies are beginning to care about environment, human rights, transparency and dialogue with civil society. Many initiatives have been launched: UN Global Compact, Global responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI), World Business Council for Sustainable Development, CSR Europe, etc….

Are they sufficient and are they going far enough and fast enough to face 21st century challenges?

The firm can play a decisive role in sustainable development, but that presupposes a much more profound transformation than most business leaders imagine. There can be no sustainable development unless the firm broadens its raison d’être and abandons the conventional wisdom, which has resulted in one- dimensional thinking and locked the firm into a logic of means rather than ends. The  firm will only become responsible if it transform its culture by adopting new ethical values and engaging in political debate with the new players in the globalizing world.

The required changes demand profound reflection and go well beyond a new coat for an old system. If the movement for social responsibility just sticks new labels onto old practices it will not be taken seriously; if it puts old wine into new bottles it will be reduced to a public relations operation. The movement will only be credible if it renews the concept of enterprise and reassesses its role in the construction of our shared future.

This new vision for the corporation of the future will combine three major dimensons:

  • entrepreneurship for economic and societal project
  • leadership and ethics for the future
  • statemanship and societal debate

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