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The project will engage institutions committed to review their missions and operations based on the perspective of a changed world order and enhanced responsibilities for businesses and their management. The research will include conceptual framing regarding the role of the business school, but will have a focus on the process of bringing about changed practice in the operations of the school. As far as the role is concerned we will discuss the necessity to enlarge the purpose of the school: not only training professional managers but also educating responsible leaders. Improving the change process involves identifying drivers and barriers of change, strategies to bring about change, key areas to be addressed in such a change process, - organizational values, faculty development, learning philosophy and methodology, curriculum issues, the role of students, clients and other stakeholders, governance, etc. The ultimate aim is to develop a pro-active discussion on the raison d’être of a Business School and an understanding of key issues in bringing about change in this context; and how to deal with these issues in a constructive and successful way. There are specific research projects currently being developed regarding different aspects of this theme.

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