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Many CEOs accept the necessity of enlarged societal responsibilities but they do not know how to implement them into their organization. How to transform their corporate culture in order to imbed those new responsibilities in concrete strategies, policies, practices and behaviour? The project will be based on action-research made by academics and practitioners in existing organizations.

It will study innovative change and systematically use various data banks of corporate 'best practices'.

It will aim at better understanding the process of collective change.

The objective is to help organizations to manage the subtitle process of cultural change.

The main ethical question for our time is to choose what kind of world we want to build together with the immense resources we master. This involves a dialogue with new actors and a large set of stakeholders in a globalizing world. By enhancing its responsibilities and developing its culture, the responsible company accepts a debate whenever its actions can have major societal and environmental consequences. New types of dialogue, which include new representatives of civil society, (such as NGOs, universities, religions) and international institutions, will be added to the old type of discussion with social partners and governments. A specific project on cultural change in a large organisation is being prepared with a corporate partner.

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