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Maximising GRLI Impact (Phase 2 from 2009-2014)

How do we ensure GRLI creates the maximum impact in the context of its mission “to create a new generation of globally responsible leaders?

For phase two, we are combining our current entrepreneurial and customized approach (encouraging individual, bilateral and group actions wherever individual partners have energy to act) with a greater emphasis on identifying and acting collectively on key lever points to effect systemic change.

The GRLI’s development strategy over the next five years is premised upon the transition from an entrepreneurial start-up to a professional sustainable organisation achieving global impact.

In so doing we will:

  1. Continue to develop frontrunner organisations amongst our own partners who undertake major transformative actions around their own institutions and provide role models and test beds from which others can learn; and
  2. Accelerate and scale up our impact through greater collective focus.

Within this two-pronged approach, we will continue to work within the broad focus areas of:

  1. Advocacy: The process of advocating for global responsibility as the highest form of responsible behaviour and for the development of globally responsible leaders.
  2. Concept Development (Thought Leadership): The development of new concepts and ideas as well as the identification of existing ones which assist in identifying what it means to be globally responsible and how to develop/educate leaders with that focus.
  3. Practice/execution: Practical projects that businesses and business schools/learning institutions initiate in pursuit of our goals. However, rather than focusing on these three categories identified above and then identifying actions within them, we are reversing the process and will be focussing on specific initiatives, actions and programmes that have the greatest potential to achieve a broad-based global impact. Some of these are strategic in nature and some are tactical. In every case, we believe that they carry an opportunity for impact.