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The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) is a worldwide partnership of companies and business schools/learning organisations working together in a laboratory of change to develop a next generation of globally responsible leaders. The GRLI engages in thought leadership, advocacy and projects to achieve measurable impact. Founded in 2004 by EFMD and the UN Global Compact, today it comprises 51 partner (member) organisations who join based on their commitment to transforming leadership development. It is a partner organization, a foundation, an advanced laboratory and a movement.

Over the past years the GRLI has developed the concept of global responsibility as a higher order of responsibility beyond CSR and catalysed the creation of two new academic journals (Journal of Global Responsibility and The Sustainability, Accounting, Management and Policy Journal). It’s current work includes a framework to measure global responsibility (The GRID) which has been successfully tested in a number of organisations.

Current projects and activities include faculty development, the establishment of a worldwide network of local Councils for Leadership, Business Summits, Academic Conferences, research into the Corporation of the 21st Century, a young Ambassadors programme, blueprinting the business school of the 21st century (50+20 Management Education for the World). The GRLI meets twice per year in General Assemblies hosted by a member partner.


GRLI's Strengths

The GRLI's main strengths are:

  • Its unique concentration on developing the next generation of globally responsible leaders;
  • Its global scope (in terms of partners and cross-cultural thinking);
  • Its partnership-based approach;
  • Consisting of pairs of a company and a business school/learning institution;
  • The extent to which others see it as the reference point for the dilemmas of global responsibility in education;
  • The calibre, reach and influence of its partners;
  • Its guiding principles;
  • The support of its two founding partners, EFMD and the UNGC.