12:00 am — 11:59 pm
Paris-Le Bourget site
Paris, France
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About COP21 Collaboratory

Building on the momentum and awareness created by the Open Letter handed over in Paris on 14th October (read more about the project),  the global education alliance will facilitate in partnership with HESI an open Collaboratory on 4 Dec at an exhibit hosted by UNESCO within the Climate Generations area.(See the full programme of the UNESCO exhibition.)  The Open Letter has been signed by 70 networks representing more than 10, 000 institutions worldwide. (Please note that the Open Letter web space is now closed for more signatures).

The Climate Generations area will be open to a wide audience and is dedicated to projects proposed by civil society and tied in with the fight against climate change. The climate Generations areas will be situated right next to the Paris-Le Bourget site which will be hosting the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention (COP21/CMP11). 

A collaboratory is an action-oriented and facilitated open space where concerned stakeholders meet on an equal basis to co-create new solutions for societal, environmental or economic issues by drawing on the emergent future. Thought leaders and stakeholders representing a multitude of perspectives and agendas (students, universities, business, civil society, government) will be invited to take part in the gathering.

The collaboratory is facilitated to enable participants to:

  • Share perspectives on the issue at hand and listen to others express their own.
  • Jointly work towards a new common perspective emerging from the group.
  • Work towards concrete actions that can be prototyped, tested and potentially implemented.

The envisaged outcome is a number of immediate actions that participants may collaborate on. This will provide further momentum to the HESI collaboration by deepening engagement around concrete projects.

About HESI

The Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI) was created as a partnership of UN entities (UNESCO, UN-DESA, UNEP, Global Compact, and UNU) in the run-up to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20). As a direct result of this conference, the 50+20 agenda was created and the GRLI has been at the core of its development and implementation.



December 4, 2015

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