The role of a dean in the 21st century is increasingly challenging, multifaceted and complex – the context ever-changing and the learning environment more diverse and demanding than ever.

As a dean or senior leader of a forward thinking and outward facing learning institution, you work with increasingly competing internal and external priorities. Not least the paradoxes and possibilities associated with developing a global perspective and implementing responsibility in leadership and practice.

Alongside this you must manage the ever demanding cycle of transformational change required by learning and education fit for the 21st century.

The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, an EFMD, AACSB International and UN Global Compact strategic partnership inclusive of the PRME, is committed to facilitating innovative, pioneering and action oriented co-learning opportunities for senior leaders in the fields of management, higher education and organisational learning.

We have a depth of experience in academia, human relations and working with complex change projects, and bring a tested Whole Person approach to:

  • the development of unique, self identified and initiated actions which have sustainable and scalable impact,
  • the raising of questions for which there are no easy answers, and
  • the development of long-term collaborative connections which build resilience, hope and support for sustained change in individuals, organizations, and management education and its global eco-system.

Inspired by the 50+20 vision of “Management Education for the World”, and other transformative aiming initiatives, we invite you to join a collaboratory of deans and directors acting as catalysts of change.

Together we will create an environment in which we can work collaboratively at pace and depth, and bring more of our whole selves to bear on burning issues and questions of mutual concern to deans and senior leaders – and the development of responsible management education.

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Voices from the pioneering 50+20 Innovation Cohort, which used a similar approach to create meaningful learning and impact:

Our university has always been aiming  to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the economy and its phenomena. In light of the social, economic and environmental challenges that surround us in the ‘real’ world I feel a sense of urgency to rethink traditional business education and the cohort provided the perfect setting for a start. Our participation lead to a series of interviews and discussions involving 170 faculty members regarding sustainability in their teaching. Apart from invaluable insights gained about my organisation through this process it played an instrumental role in positioning sustainability as central topic within our school.”

Edith Littich – Vice-Rector, Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria)

“Participation in the Innovation Cohort connected us to inspiring and innovative people. Coupled with the ideas generated, this has enabled us to act in concert with them to effect change both within and outside our own School.”

Philip O’Regan and Sheila Killian – Executive Dean and Assistant Dean at Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick (Ireland)

“I learnt the value of the new paradigm of education, the ethics of responsibility and sustainability and how we need to work to implement in our schools these values that are becoming more and more important.”

Daniel Serra – Dean of Barcelona School of Management,  Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain)

“The innovation cohort experience transformed us all. Now a dean myself, I was inspired by deans who shared the cohort with me. We have become close collaborators in the exciting work of changing management education, and we have developed a close trust no other experience like this had generated for me before.”

Mary Watson – Executive Dean at The New School (New York, USA)

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