Our Vision

Global responsibility embedded in leadership and practice of organisations and societies worldwide.

Our Mission & Key Strategies

The GRLI’s mission is to catalyse the development of globally responsible leadership and practice in organisations and society worldwide.

Through visible advocacy,   thought-and-action leadership, and hands-on prototyping and experimentation the GRLI community works to:

  • Convene, facilitate and foster collaboration amongst actors and actions that hold a shared interest in promoting and developing responsible leadership.
  • Pioneer and prototype new methods for learning and community building.
  • Incubate ideas and initiatives that create impact and that accelerates progress and transformation towards global responsibility.
  • Contribute systemic and integrative thinking to the discourse on responsible leadership in education, research and practice.
  • Promote awareness of global responsibility as the highest order of responsibility and contribute to the realisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Everything we produce is a contribution to the global commons and is freely shared.
  • What we do should create hands-on results on the ground, stand the chance of producing long-lasting, scalable effects, and is not being done better elsewhere.
  • Our operating mode is built on the entrepreneurial approach of “Think big. Act small. Start now.”
  • We recognise that effective change requires work at individual, organisational and systemic levels. (see 4.2 below).
  • Making an impact at the organisational and systemic level requires committed, dedicated and empowered individuals who are willing to bring a ‘whole person’ approach to their work and to their lives.

Beyond these guiding principles, we believe the principles of the UN Global Compact, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights should be considered as shared principles,  required by all governments, corporations and individuals in order to behave as globally responsible leaders.

Our Values

In our report “Globally Responsible Leadership, A call for engagement (2005)” , we identified the GRLI values:

Fairness – justice, fair play, even handedness

Freedom – the right of free expression and action and accountability, the pursuit of liberty

Honesty – integrity, truthfulness, openness, achieving goals through honest means, keeping promises, being worthy of the trust of others

Humanity – recognition of our mutual dependence on one another, care for the sick, the needy, the elderly

Responsibility & Solidarity – stewardship of economic and societal value creation, care for the environment, responsible use of power

Sustainable Development – meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Tolerance – respect for what is different, embracing cultural diversity

Transparency – open communication, proactive dialogue, active listening,  engagement of stakeholders

These values are not an end point but a starting point for individuals and organizations.

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