Support Centre

The GRLI Centre comprises the Managing Director and a small team of full-time/part-time and volunteer staff. The Centre has the responsibility to monitor, act on, coordinate and see that GRLI’s work is being executed in an ethical, efficient and effective manner by resources internal or external to the GRLI community.

To do this, the Centre endeavours to provide enabling servant-leadership to the community. This approach is not the traditional logic of a member-organisation where the organisation primarily exists to deliver a service to the members. The GRLI is a community of Partners, Members and Associates and as such the focus of the Centre is on the vision and mission of the GRLI as a global community where responsible action is led by committed partners and allies.

Anders Aspling

Founding Secretary-General - GRLI

John North

Managing Director - GRLI

Liliana Petrella

Manager: Governance - GRLI


Our Advisors apprise on the trends of how the global community develops, the processes involved and the ‘people’ and group issues and dynamics.

Nick Ellerby

Co-Director - Oasis School of Human Relations

Philippe de Woot

GRLI Fellow (1930 - 2016) - GRLI


Henri- Claude de Bettignies

Professor of Global Responsible Leadership - CEIBS - China Europe International Business School

John Alexander

President - Independent Associate

Philippe de Woot

GRLI Fellow (1930 - 2016) - GRLI