Defining Globally Responsible Leadership

Globally responsible leadership is the global exercise of ethical, values-based leadership in the pursuit of economic and societal progress and sustainable development. It is based on a fundamental recognition of the interconnectedness of the world.

In the 2008 “GRLI’s Call for Action”, Responsible Leadership was described as “…the art of motivating, communicating, empowering, and convincing people to engage with a new vision of sustainable development and the necessary change that this implies. Leadership is based on moral authority. Moral authority requires convictions, character and talent.”
The GRLI’s founding report, “The Call for Engagement” (English version available here and several other languages here) provides a more in-depth explanation of what globally responsible leadership denotes.

The Three Laws of Globally Responsible Leadership

1. The Law of the Environment
The natural system is not a stakeholder in our businesses; it is the ultimate foundation of the rules.
2. The Law of Interconnectedness
Everything, everywhere is linked in a single system, therefore,  every action must be considered in the context of its effect on the whole system.
3. The Law of Engagement
Globally responsible leaders must become engaged in solving the dilemmas that confront us as a consequence of the first two laws.

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