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During its centenary year our strategic partner, AACSB International, took on a new charge to address the evolving expectations of management education and the emerging opportunities for business schools, working alongside students and business practitioners to forge a new path.

AACSB’s recently launched report “A Collective Vision for Business Education”, strongly echoes the key roles identified by the 50+20 vision “Management Education for the World” and GRLI is now prioritizing the strengthening of AACSB’s Responsible Management Education Affinity Group as a key platform to help transform Business and Management Education.

Earlier this year at the AACSB’s Deans Conference in January (Miami), the GRLI together with more than 600 business school deans from 50 countries focused on Innovations That Inspire which is especially important now as we redefine the way business schools create, teach, connect, and lead.

During the same meeting several of the GRLI Partners and Associates supported the motion that the Responsible Management Education Affinity Group (now counting 351 members) would benefit from a formally elected and globally representative steering committee (with by-laws etc), an agreed statement of purpose, and a list of goals and activities that ensure continued engagement from and impact through AACSB members.

At AACSB’s ICAM 2016 meeting held in April, the proposed by-laws were accepted and GRLI Associate Brian Nelson was confirmed as interim Secretary for the group. Brian looks forward to hearing from eligible Partners and Associates to support the work of the Affinity Group.

By strengthening the purpose and activity of this affinity group, the GRLI partnership will be leveraging a key and visible platform reaching hundreds of management educators and business schools globally.



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